50 Caliber 2A Bottle Openers

Genuine US Military fired 50 caliber bottle opener.
50cal Opener Gift Box Closed
2nd Amendment Engraved

Firebase Phoenix 50cal 2A 50Cal Bottle Opener Lrg

50 Caliber Bottle Opener
Laser etched with:

“INALIENABLE and the 2nd Ammendment” on one side and Your Logo on the other side.

US Dept Def sealThese genuine US Military fired 50 caliber rounds are procured directly from the Department of Defense and hand converted into a bottle openers.  Each has been decommissioned and does not contain any active gun powder or primers, making it 100% safe for entertainment use. Each round tells it own story with the it's own unique character marks left when it was fired by our patriots.

This novel beverage opener is great to promote outdoor sporting related business and patriot causes.  In this version we celebrate the "INALIENABLE" right protected by the 2nd Amendment with your organizations logo. There are limitless options for engraving on these collectible pieces so contact us and see what we can produce for you. There is nothing like putting your name on a great conversation piece!


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